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When you hire Premier , we treat you like a neighbor , not like a number , or just another job !! Please call us for a prompt and professional project evaluation !! Your home is as important to us as it is to you !!
Why is Premier is the fastest growing Home Elevation Contractor,..our projects are known for top quality workmanship , no cutting corners to make more money , we deliver long lasting quality and we stand behind our work always ,..PERIOD !!!
Don't be shy, drive by !!  Take a Look !!
Fairfax Drive, Before Completion
 6702 Fairfax Drive, Lake Charles , not quite done but it's taking shape....
Fairfax Drive, Lake Charles, La.
 6702 Fairfax Drive, Lake Charles , we're just about done here...
Walden Road Baton Rouge, La.
Addiason Loop 3.jpg
Cramer Residence, New Orleans, La.

   The pictures here are just a few of our projects , we can provide complete Home Elevation services or all type of structures !

Harrell's Ferry.jpg
Walden Road, Baton Rouge
Harrell's  Ferry Road, Baton Rouge, La.
This was slab separation.


Always hire an Experienced Professional Licensed & Insured General Contractor. Don't take a chance with your investment!! And Don't Hesitate, Elevate!

  Fully Insured
Commercial License # 71407                    Residential License #888684

Top Rated
House Lifting or House Raising Company
 & FEMA Home Elevation Grant contractors !!

Premier House Lifting provides Slab Elevation,  Pier & Beam house lifting, and Slab Separation lifts...and whether your house or building has a brick veneer or has siding, that's no problem, we can handle the project. We are a Licensed and Insured General Contractor, our family owned company has been in the Home Elevation industry for almost 30 years . Our services include  House Lifting or House Raising, Spread Footings, Helical Piles, Concrete Piles , Concrete block foundation walls, brick work, and piers. We specialize in Complete Home Elevation Projects , with extensive experience in dealing with FEMA Grants, be it HMGP, FMA or others. We offer a complete Turnkey service , from the Engineering Plans, the stairs ,.. to the downspouts and the last details. Our services are affordable, professional , and reliable , and with us,.. quality and customer service is as important to us as it is to every homeowner


Allow us to provide you with free evaluation for your home elevation project, you will find that we are the one of the most experienced and competitive General Contractors that you will call . In addition, we provide the highest quality construction and workmanship , we back that up with a Lifetime Warranty on all our new "Premier Built" foundations. We know you will be getting more than one quote for your HOUSE LIFTING or HOME ELEVATION project, so be sure to call us PREMIER for a free project evaluation and estimate.

                                                                        Call today !   1-800-972-6330

Flagler 3.jpg


PHL 3.jpg




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Premier House Lifting is...​

Hardworking - When a homeowner entrusts us with their Home Elevation or House Lifting project, we will work hard to earn and build on their trust. From the engineer drawings to the last detail, we will provide our customers with a Complete 100% Turn-Key Home Elevation project. Our success is based on our many years of extensive experience in the Home Elevation and House Raising industry. Quality workmanship at a reasonable cost, and a commitment that every project is as important to us as it is to the customer. We add value and safety to homeowners.


Experienced - We use the latest Unified Hydraulic Jack lifting equipment to raise your house, and we are fully experienced with FEMA Home Elevation Grants like the FMA , or HMGP .Our Engineer is thoroughly knowledgeable with all types of foundation designs,flood and wind resistance requirements. With our experienced crews, we can build a new concrete foundation and perform all of the related work needed for a Complete Home Elevation project, in a professional and timely manner. Leaving you and your family with the peace of mind that your property will be safer from the inevitable hurricanes and flooding events that unfortunately will happen again.

Professional - We understand how important your home is to you. Through our many years we have completed many homes affected by various Hurricanes and flooding related disasters along the coastal United States, we can provide our house raising or house lifting services to all cities and communities of affected areas. Let us help you with your Home Elevation project, we have an in-house Engineer to develop FEMA approved foundation plans, and our experienced crew ready to provide quality work, and all new foundations come with a 10 year warranty !!


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