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Always hire a Professional & Experienced Licensed General Contractor. Don't take a chance with your investment!! And Don't Hesitate, Elevate!   call today 1-800-972-6330

The Martin HomeSeaside HeightsN.J. 2017.

Premier House Lifting is a Trade Name of Premier Structural Solutions, LLC., a State Licensed General Contractor. We have many years of experience in general construction, house lifting, and in the Home Elevation industry. We take pride in our work and enjoy a well-established reputation for delivering top quality projects, focusing on workmanship, and customer satisfaction. 

We have extensive experience in general construction, house leveling, and general foundation repairs of all types. We provide house lifting or house raising services, specializing in complete home elevation projects. We offer Engineer plans with our projects and new foundations come with Lifetime warranty!

Our Structural  Engineer will design the plans for your project and with our Unified Hydraulic Jack machine, along with our professional staff and trained experienced crews, we will perform all of the work required from the structural lifting to the last detail. 


We guarantee top quality materials, professional workmanship in a timely manner and with your satisfaction as our NUMBER ONE GOAL!

 This is the Martin home, it was just 10" off of the ground, always flooded with heavy rains. We raised it 6' , built a new foundation and added the decks on the front , the side and at the rear. Happy homeowners for sure ! Customer Satisfaction and Quality Always !

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