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Turnkey Home Elevation

Premier House Lifting has over 30 years experience providing house lifting and home elevation turnkey service. We have the experience, the knowledge and the best technology to do provide the highest standard of quality in the industry. We are Louisiana natives that understand the importance of protecting your home and investment from costly flooding events. Please call us for a free site visit and quote. In addition, we take pride in educating home owners as to the best house lifting or home elevation solution for their home. We are experienced experts in Slab Elevation, Pier & Beam, and Slab Separation home raising. We are insured as house lifters and are also State Licensed General contractors.

We are committed to helping our communities and offering the highest quality workmanship at a competitive rate. Every project we contract receives top quality materials, attention to detail,..and as sense of urgency. We take great pride in improving homes against future damage and from coastal erosion and storms. An elevated home is a safer home! In addition, the homeowner can in many instances lower flood insurance rates and increase the resale value of the property too !!

Our Team offers 30 years experience & best technology in foundation construction, foundation repair, flood recovery, house leveling and structural elevation. We are knowledgeable about FEMA Home Elevation Grant programs, like FMA and HMGP. In addition, there is ICC or Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage. This coverage can provide a maximum supplement of up to $30,000 , whether you have a FEMA GRANT or not.


                                               Call Premier today !!! 1-800-973-6330

                          and  remember,...don't hesitate, elevate !

Home Elevation Gonzales Louisiana

House Lifting Gonzales Louisiana

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